Blood Cleansing

Eating, Fasting and Oxygen Balance 

Even just eating daily, without ever giving the gastro-intestinal tract a rest, loads down the blood with toxins and impurities, especially uric acid crystals. When the waste products exceed the cleansing capacity of the kidney’s, the blood ends up just having to haul it around the body and stash it wherever possible. This is one of the cause of Kidney failure.


blood cleansing



These toxins literally take up so much room in the blood cells that the cells can’t take on enough oxygen when pass through the lungs.

The bloods primary function of picking up and distributing oxygen gets blocked by overuse of garbage-hauling function. 

Benefit of Fasting 

Fasting restores health by giving the overload blood cells a chance to dump the toxins and inert matter through normal organs of elimination at a rate they can handle, instead of through the skin, as in acne, or other inappropriate places.


If the fast is long enough, accumulated residues in the body are also expelled, giving a considerable spiritual resurgence once all the backlog is cleared away.

Once the blood is cleansed the red corpuscles have a lot more room for oxygen molecules, the oxygen saturation of the molecules is high, and health and energy are boosted considerably.


How Does Ozone Help in Blood Cleansing?

Instead of burdening the liver and immune system with more elaborate toxic substances, ozone simply oxidizes the molecules in the shell of the virus. 

As the ozone molecules dissolve into the blood they give up their third oxygen atom, releasing considerable energy which destroys all lipid-envelope virus, and apparently all other disease organisms as well, while leaving blood cells unharmed. A Dr. Preuss, in Stuttgart, has written up ten case histories of AIDS patients he has cured by this method.


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 (Picture above shown the darker colored blood after undergoing Ozone therapy becoming clearer and light red)


 Ozone Therapy Method 

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative treatment and does not use medical drugs. The process starts by streaming the patient’s blood towards a filter unit where bacteria, cancer cells, cholesterol, toxins and much more will be strained out. After the filtration process, Ozonation and oxygenation process will begin where ozone is introduced into the blood. Filtered blood will now be flowed into the body again. The use of Ozone is safe, painless, no negative side effects and savvy.



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