Ozonated Saline Drip

Ozone is bubbled through saline and given as Intravenous Ozonated Saline drip. It is the most popular way of giving Ozone in Russia. Effect of Ozone Therapy is quick, lasting and usually without any complications. Ozone molecule breaks down into Oxygen which is needed by each and every cell. That is why it has no side effects. Ozone Therapy is especially useful for old age diseases, chronic diseases, allergies, cancers and all sorts of infections. It is added to the standard treatment for the disease.


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What are the Benefits of Ozonated Saline Drip?


To the patient this method provides comfort during the procedure, hygienic safety and better therapeutic effects. More and more doctors worldwide estimate the benefits of the Russian method:


  • Simple & patient-friendly performance!
  • Strictly dose-related therapy!
  • Excellent therapy hygiene (no risk of contamination)!


Molecule by molecule is put into blood circulation and immediately reacts with blood components, so the whole blood quantity being in circulation comes in contact with ozone therefore producing much better and prolonged therapeutic effects. Some possible clinical applications for this ozone delivery method could include treating disease-causing microorganisms in the blood, as well as rheumatic diseases, inflammatory conditions and degenerative diseases like arteriosclerosis, diabetes and cancer.


Ozone Therapy is mainly used as supportive therapy. Patient continues whatever treatment he is taking and just adds Ozone Therapy to it. Ozone Therapy helps to control or cure disease or symptoms which were otherwise not helped by only conventional treatment. It reduces the adverse effects, reduces the treatment time and improves quality of life for the patient.



Maintain your current medication, just add on Ozone Therapy as part of supportive therapy to see any changes to your whole well-being in a matter of weeks. More info, click here to know more.