Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment is highly effective in treating many diseases, especially critical illness. It was first introduced since 1959 in Germany, with 10 million patients for various diseases with a 90 percent cure rate and virtually no side effects. Ozone Therapy Malaysia has various facilities for treatment.


What is Ozone Therapy


The method is also called as Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO). This method was first introduced in 1999. EBOO exposes blood to Oxygen (O2) mixed with ozone (O3). The blood is pumped through a filtering machine, in a manner similar to kidney dialysis.


Studies shows ozone destroys foreign microbes and has antioxidant properties.  Extensive testing of EBOO has revealed no toxicity or side effects in sheep or human volunteers.


Effect of Ozone Therapy is quick, lasting and usually without any complications. Ozone molecule breaks down into Oxygen which is needed by each and every cell. That is why it has no side effects. However, Ozone is not given during active bleeding.


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Prevention of Diseases by Ozone Therapy


Ozone Therapy strongly stimulates both proper circulation (delivery of oxygen) and proper energy generation (utilization of oxygen). The cells in your body thus able to generate enough energy, to make the patient less fatigue.


Ozone Therapy can prevent the following diseases:-


Besides that, Ozone also has very well-defined effects on the immune system, particularly by regulating the activity of the white blood cells. This makes it extremely useful in allergic and autoimmune conditions.


After treatment, many patients find:
  • less medication is required
  • they can do much more physical activity (walking, exercise, gardening)
  • they can think much more clearly
  • life becomes more normal


Ozone therapy


Ozone therapy may be administered in a variety of ways.


  • Intramuscular injection: A mixture of oxygen and ozone is injected into the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Rectal insufflation: A mixture of oxygen and ozone is introduced into the rectum and absorbed through the intestines.
  • Autohemotherapy: Between 10-15 mL of the patient’s blood is removed, treated with a mixture of oxygen and ozone and reinjected into the patient.
  • Intra-articular injection: Ozone-treated water is injected into the patient’s joints to treat arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases.
  • Ozonated water: Ozone is bubbled through water that is used to cleanse wounds, burns, and skin infections, or to treat the mouth after dental surgery.
  • Ozonated oil: Ozone is bubbled through olive or safflower oil, forming a cream that is used to treat fungal infections, insect bites, acne, and skin problems.
  • Ozone bagging: Ozone and oxygen are pumped into an airtight bag that surrounds the area to be treated, allowing the body tissues to absorb the mixture.
  • Intravenous Ozonated Saline drip: Ozone is bubbled through saline, which molecule by molecule is put into blood circulation and immediately reacts with blood components.


How does Ozone work in the body? 

1.         Ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body
2.         Ozone reduces clogging of red blood cells
3.         Ozone  has a  detoxifying effect on the liver
4.         Ozone decreases uric acid in the body and helps eliminate it
5.         Ozone improves the circulation and oxygen supply
6.         Ozone decreases fat (cholesterol and triglycerids)
7.         Ozone kills viruses and bacteria and fungus (like candida)
8.         Ozone improves the activity of the white blood cells
9.         Ozone improves the metabolism of the cells
10.       Ozone slows down the aging process – vitality comes back


With Ozone Therapy – especially when it is added directly to the blood  – the body is enabled to take in large quantities of oxygen. This therapy is free of side effects (of course as long the rules for the dosage are obeyed) and has proven to be very helpful even in severe illnesses.


What is the indication for Ozone Therapy? 

Ozone Therapy is indicated for the following diseases – to name only the most important

1.         Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases
2.         Arteriosclerosis
3.         Sclerosis of the heart arteries – heart pain while resting
4.         Any kind of liver destruction caused by virus or toxins
5.         Lack of circulation in the limbs or the brain
6.         Post stroke treatment
7.         High blood cholesterol
8.         High uric acid levels in the blood (gout)
9.         Skin diseases caused by poor circulation
10.       Eye diseases  caused by poor circulation
11.        Migraine headaches
12.       Vertigo, dizziness, Morbus Meniere
13.       Slow recovery after illness
14.       Auxiliary treatment for cancer
15.       Burn-out syndrome, Eppstein Barr, Lime disease
16.       Oxygen utilization deficiency coming with diabetes  etc


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